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Monday, March 2, 2015

Patience is a Virtue

So many times I look at the scale and I get frustrated, and for many reasons! The numbers on the scale are not changing, I've been working like crazy to hit a numerical goal, I went up in weight, etc. 

HOWEVER, the I have recently come to learn that the scale does not define me!!! It took me forever to have this mindset and boy am I glad I have it now.  I am much happier with where I am at both emotionally and physically.  

I can celebrate the Non Scale Victories; the lost inches, the muscle gain, the looser clothes, the faster runs, the ability to lift heavier weights, and the list goes on.  

Remember, it takes time and dedication, it is not a race to get there ... this is our lives, let's live them to the FULLEST!!!


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