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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'd like to introduce you to Eli Sapharti, author, columnist and motivational speaker. Six years ago, Eli’s life changed in a dramatic way when he lost over 100 pounds. His weight loss, though significant, is only a small part of his story.

Since publishing his popular memoir, From Fat Boy to Fit Man: A One Step at a Time Success Story, Eli has appeared on the Emmy award winning, The Doctors, as well as ABC’s Good Morning America, and a host of other local morning shows. His story has also appeared in national publications including PEOPLE and the Huffington Post.

Eli has personally written for the popular health and lifestyle website, Diets In Review.

With his natural charm and charisma, coupled with a first-hand knowledge of weight loss, Eli has become a popular TV guest. His greatest joy, however, is the work he does as a personal coach and motivational speaker. 

Having founded the principles of "One Step at a Time" for sustainable weight loss, Eli’s philosophy has proven effective for many of his clients and the 30,000 + very active followers on his Fat Boy Fit Man Facebook page.

As an entertaining and authoritative guest speaker, Eli has had the privilege of sharing his expertise at health and wellness events, corporate receptions, organizational retreats, and motivating kids at both the middle and high school levels.

Today, Eli continues to motivate and inspire audiences across the United States, while providing, “One Step at a Time” principles they can utilize in their own lives.

Here is also a link to a short video about ELi's Inspiring Book:

You can find Eli on the following social media: 


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