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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet Ron ... this is the story of his AMAZING Transformation!!! 

My name is Ron Brower and I am from Syracuse, NY. I started my weight loss journey at an astounding 675lbs. It was June 2013, when I was in a desperate place. My walking was limited to about 15-30 seconds, I was completely dependent on my family for everything...putting my shoes on, doing my laundry, cooking my food...just to name a few things. I was unable to walk through the door way without having to turn to the side. I was wearing a size 9XL shirt and shorts, and I masked my pain of desperation and depression with food, alcohol and drugs... and excessive amounts of it. I got to a place where I was limited to the four walls of my room, and a doctor report that said "I will die by the age of 30 if I didn't make a change (which brought my mother to tears)! That was my "rock bottom" as people tend to call it, that triggered me to make an attempt to change my life, and my lifestyle. I really had no clue where to start, so clearly that led me to reach out for help. I made a Facebook post stating I hated my life and I wanted to change. A dear precious friend of mine, Gina D'Adarrio was gracious enough to respond, telling me she will do what she can to find help for me. Gina immediately contacted her cousin Nick Murphy, personal trainer and life coach at Mission Fitness because she knew without a shadow of a doubt that Nick would be the guy who would not only direct and guide me on my journey, but truly and genuinely care about me and my success as a person! Nick told Gina he would love to help me, and he required me to take the first step and contact him. So after wavering back and forth, feeling a little nervous and scared, and once again sitting in the four walls of my room that became all too familiar to me, I sent him a personal message on Facebook and asked "Can you help me lose weight?" Nick quickly responded, and told me that he would love to, and that him and his Mission Fitness (Facebook page) partner Jill Rupert would be over the following day to meet with me and my family. I anticipated the arrival of what I was hoping would be the key to getting my life back!! The one thing I knew I needed! We met, we talked and I knew the two of them meant business. Seeing as how I didn't have the finances to pay for such extensive help, they offered up their services for free, if it meant saving my life. So from that day on both Nick and Jill have spent countless hours, day after day, week after week training me, holding me accountable, and teaching me the way to live healthy. They have touched on every aspect of my being...spirit, soul, and body. I have hit so many goals in this journey, and it's all been done through diet and exercise. They have me on what is called a ketogenic diet, which consists of heart healthy fats, animal source proteins, and green leafy vegetables. The diet is 80% of my results, and really assists in the exercise that I'm doing to lose weight.

Now I have a vision for my life. Sitting in my house barley being able to walk, I was left feeling hopeless, with no dreams or aspirations. Now that I have a life that I enjoy living, I now have a vision to help others achieve their weight loss goals, to become a personal trainer and to work with people who have been in a situation similar to mine to help them get their life back, and give them a purpose!

Many people ask me what my workout regime has been. Throughout the past 20 months it has changed as time progressed. My very first day I started off with 20 minutes of lifting my arms up and down for 30 seconds intervals, which brought me to complete exhaustion due to my lack of conditioning. That quickly progressed to one hour a day on the arm bike. I did that routine for three months which brought me to my 100 pound weight loss. After that I was able to make it into the gym. From there I started doing two hours on the seated elliptical. A few months after that I added in a total body daily boot camp with my trainers, along with 2 hours on the seated elliptical. Then I switched to speed walking the stairs for 30 minutes in addition to two hours on the seated elliptical along with weight training with my upper body. Lastly I progressed to doing the regular elliptical, starting out at 30 seconds my first attempt (I had to sit down and rest for 1 minute then do another 30 seconds), now I'm doing 3 hours a day! I do an hour on and then an hour rest, in addition to once a week weight training with my upper body and now also doing weight training with my lower body as well! It’s a lot of time I spend in the gym, but it's what’s required for this season of my life.
One of the biggest support systems I have in additional to my trainers is my Facebook page "600lbs to Success". My trainers advised me to start a Facebook page, and use it to help me stay accountable and also to help me stay focused on my goal. The objective was to post positive things about myself and motivational quotes about weight loss. The page really took off, and I now have followers from all over the world who follow me and my success and who really encourage me on what I set out to accomplish! I make posts on it daily whether it be pictures, videos, or motivational quotes. People that see my page have then been inspired to make changes in their own lives with their heath and weight. What was originally designed to help me has now really helped and motivated many other people! They see that if Ronnie Brower weighing 675lbs can lose weight, then so can they. My local community has been a big support to me as well. Local articles have been written about my success, news stories, and many donations from the community; anything from clothes, sneakers, and supplements that I need they are there to support me! This season of weight loss for me is coming to a close, and I'm excited to take my journey and pour my success into the lives of others!

Excellent job Ron, you are very inspiring!!!
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