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Monday, February 9, 2015

So for a while, I would run the same route, do the same stretch, same same same!!!  

And one day before my run, I thought to myself … let’s go the other direction.  I never thought that such a simple switch would make such a huge difference!  That 3 mile loop that I ran countless times, was tougher in reverse, or was my body just used to running it the “easy way”?  Yep, my body had gotten so used to the hill and the downhill and the zigs and zags that turning things around made me work harder, even added time to my pace. 

WHAT??? Such a simple thing such as changing direction will help with my workout routine.  Absolutely, your body gets conditioned to the same ol same ol, so SWITCH it up every now and then. 

Confuse your BODY!!! You will be glad you did!!!



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