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Monday, September 8, 2014

So, I have been struggling with the “dreaded plateau” for almost a year now.  I have 15 more pounds to lose to reach my goal weight, and I have had these last 15 pounds since October of 2013.  It is time for them to GO AWAY FOREVER!!! See my full, to date, weight loss story at

Now, I have had some AMAZING “non-scale” victories and I am super proud of myself. I have lost 12 inches in the last 2 months doing PiYO, I reached my goal of wearing a size 12 pant which I accomplished in April of 2014, I am on my way to achieving my goal of 1 pull-up by the end of this year, I did 5 assisted pull-ups yesterday at the park, and I am getting some awesome muscle definition. 

I shared my new workout schedule last week, ( and I woke up today fully charged and ready to tackle the day.  I got my 3 mile run in, in 32:55 on my treadmill, and did my PiYO Upper Body.  I came in and got on the computer and saw this pin, and boy is it really hitting home with me! This is going to be my motto. Who else is going to jump on this bandwagon with me?

I feel like I have a good grasp on my workouts, and I am going to focus on my nutrition.  Nutrition is where I really struggle, I LOVE food! I seem to yo-yo with my eating, I will do real well for a while and then I will have a “cheat day” or two.  I am tired of going back and forth with my eating.  I need to find a good balance between the two.  I am going to shoot for eating around 1500 calories, using the #PiYO Getting Healthy Eating Plan.  I have figured out my calorie target for weight loss and I have created myself check boxes for each day that look like this:
Primary Veggies
(6) □□□□□□
Secondary Veggies/Grains
(3) □□□
Fresh Fruit
(3) □□□
Lean Protein
(7) □□□□□□□
Healthy Fats
(4) □□□□
(10) □□□□□□□□□□

I am also going to be tracking my calories burned on #myrunkeeper, and I am going to track my calories that I have eaten on #myfitnesspal. 

I hope to break this plateau soon, I want this last 15 pounds gone, forever :) Hopefully with my workout plan and my nutrition plan, I can BREAK through.  Wish me luck!!! 


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