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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I saw this picture over the weekend and it resonated with me something fierce.  I feel like it is me, chiseling away at my "old" self.  I have seen so many transformation stories on the internet and I have always thought to myself how awesome all of them are.  I have also thought how brave, the thought of acknowledging my "before self” scares me.  Well, here I go, I am finally in a place where I can share my before, although the picture is hard for me to look at, and I can celebrate where I am now.  I can actually say that my weight was holding me back before, that I was not truly living.  NOW I AM LIVING!!!

My desire to start WHOLESOME & FIT came from my most recent weight loss journey, which began after having my second child in June of 2012. I began my journey with the desire to lose weight, to get my “pre-baby” body back, to drop 100 pounds. So far I have successfully lost 85 pounds and I have lost a total of 33.5 inches! Happy Dance!!!  To be completely honest, I have plateaued, several times throughout the last two years.  I have had huge weight loss weeks, no weight loss weeks, weight gain weeks.  The truth is, however, I have had many “non-scale” victories.  I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 12, from wearing an XXL to wearing mediums (yes, mediums, not sure I have ever in my adult life worn mediums) and larges. In fact I am wearing the same size clothing, and some smaller than, I was wearing when I met my husband in April of 2004.  I am currently on a weight loss plateau, I have been "stuck" at this weight for almost a year.  I can't seem to get the scale to budge.  However, I am trying to realize and tell myself that the number on the scale does not define me.  I need to celebrate the non-scale victories, like the mediums and the 33.5 inches gone!!!

Somewhere along my journey I had an epiphany – a major change in my frame of mind!  I am not sure exactly when this happened, but it sent me down a new path.  Now I love myself, with all my imperfections (and my perfections, too J) and I want to live a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle for the rest of my days.

I am accomplishing my fit, healthy, awesome version of myself by eating as "clean" as possible and exercising a minimum of five days a week.  My workouts range from 20 to 65 minutes long.  They include running, walking, lifting, PiYo (Pilates / Yoga mixture of awesomeness), yoga, circuit training, at home cross fit, Pilates, and monthly challenges that I find on social media.  As you can see I am not specific to one exercise to lose the weight.  As long as I am active on a minimum of five of the seven days of the week, I am good. Although, I do find that if I don't run on at least 4 of the days I get a little "crazy" feeling, running is definitely my most favorite "me time."

Here are a couple of sample workouts on different days ...

I eat gluten free due to having been diagnosed with Celiac 9 years ago, which used to be very hard.  Nine years ago there was nothing but Fritos to eat J, no one knew what Celiac was and we had to research everything.  But now everything is labeled, everyone knows what Gluten Free means and it seems like every food manufacturer is dipping into the GF market. With eating clean, I have recently cut out a great deal of dairy and sugars, which have made a huge impact on how I feel.  The healthier I eat, the better I feel and the more energy I have. I am currently figuring out that I am fueling my body with food, not eating just to eat.

I have not reached my goal weight, yet. I have another 15 pounds to go. After I reach my goal weight, however, starts the real work – maintaining my new weight. Through clean eating, regular exercise, and positive collaboration with like-minded individuals, I know I will reach my goal and maintain my new weight.  I look forward to working with you, learning from you, and hearing your story. I invite you to join me on this journey and I hope it will become our journey!

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