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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Sometimes transitions are anticipated, sometimes they are not. Anticipated transitions can include moving from one city to another, going off to college, finally reaching retirement. Unanticipated transitions can include moving from one city to another . . . not because you want to but because you need to, changing jobs due to layoffs or other surprise reductions, loss of a spouse. Whatever the transition cause, stress can result from a change. What do we need to do to combat stress – say it with me, “exercise.”

But saying it can be easier than getting out and doing it. I recently transitioned from living in a remote setting in the West to living in an urban setting in the South. Whoa! In addition to the challenge of exercising at all during the actual travel days (I didn’t), then I was faced with so many options for how to establish a new exercise routine.

So, today I got out my yoga mat and got on the floor. Good. Step One done. Then I took an hour-long walk downtown. Okay, now. Step Two done. I feel better now. I am a little more limber. I got sunshine on my face. I burned a few calories.

Now I am going to sit down with a cup of coffee and my Shakeology and think about what I want my new exercise routine to look like. Shall I take a class once a week? Shall I buy a new exercise video and workout at home? Shall I repeat today’s activities? Options!

Whatever exercise options I decide upon, I know exercise will make me feel better and help me ease through all the other parts of the transition.  


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