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Monday, December 15, 2014

What do you think of when you think “Dairy Free”? I can’t eat cheese, I can’t drink milk, I can’t have sour cream on a taco, or I can’t have good salad dressings. If “Dairy” is causing you trouble, you might need to evaluate what exactly the culprit is.  I must disclaim that I am not a nutritionist or an expert by any means, I am only sharing what I know from my own trials and errors along with some internet research. 

For me, I did a lot of trial and error of what I could and couldn't handle with dairy, eat this get sick, eat that feel OK, and on and on.  I believe for me it is a combination of the Lactose Content and the Sulfates in Dairy that are hard for my Celiac Body to digest. I have trouble with Sulfates in Shampoo and Body Wash so it makes sense for me to have trouble digesting Sulfates, at least I think it makes sense. I can eat white cheeses, skim milk, and sour cream.  However, if I eat sharp cheddar, whole milk or yogurt I get cramps almost immediately.

Where do you start, how do you know what is causing the discomfort, it is so overwhelming to think of as a whole.  Break it down, start small, it is much easier to cut foods out of your diet now than it was 10 years ago.  Thankfully now foods are labeled much better, thus making it easier to evaluate and eliminate. It also helps to focus on the foods you can eat!

First determine where your problem is coming from:

  • I did an elimination process with the gradual reintroduction of the different milk products individually to see what was causing me trouble.
  • Along with some research, “In milk, the two leading allergy offenders are the milk proteins known as casein and whey. Casein is the curd that forms when milk is left to sour. Whey is the watery part that is left after the curd is removed.” (1)
  • Determine what you are going to cut out. “Otherwise known as “milk sugar”, Lactose is the primary carbohydrate in milk products. During the digestion process, lactose is broken down into glucose and galactose for proper absorption. This step occurs in the small intestine with the assistance of an enzyme known as Lactase. Many people have or develop a shortage of lactase, and therefore are unable to properly digest some or all of the lactose they consume. The unabsorbed lactose passes into the colon where it can have a party! This lactase deficiency and any resulting gastrointestinal symptoms, are what is typically referred to as lactose intolerance.” (1)
  • Could your intolerance be hormone related? Hormones in milk can be dangerous (2) is a good read about how milk products have changed over the years.

Next step is to eliminate the problem causing foods.  If you feel better, yay now you know what you can and can’t handle.  However, if this does not make you feel better then go back to the drawing board and start the elimination process over focusing on different foods until you have found out what is causing you discomfort.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Where do you get your motivation, to eat healthy and to be a better you? This is such a tricky question, it can have infinite answers, it is different for every single person, and it can vary from day to day for the same person.  Motivation, determination, exercise, will power, good eating habits, pushing through the hard workouts, going to workout, not eating the chocolate, etc., the list goes on and on.

For me this has been tricky lately, and by lately I mean about a year (ever since the scale stopped moving downward). I know that the scale is not everything, and yes I have been losing inches and gaining muscles, but for some reason I am stuck on why the scale is stuck.  In turn, I will have cycles of intense motivation, determination, and will power where I kick butt on my workouts and I clean eat like a champ. Then on the down cycle I will not want to workout, not log my calories, and just feel blah! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love where I have gotten to and I am never going back to where I was. But having and finding motivation ALL the time is tricky. 

I am going to relax and ponder these thoughts of mine.  Reading motivational stories will help me so please share. What is your story? How and where do you find and get your motivation?

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