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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
How do you get your exercise in when you are traveling? It's challenging sometimes. When I am at home, I get into an exercise routine -- I either force myself to get up early or I decide to quit working mid-afternoon in order to workout to that PiYo DVD or go to a Zumba class. But when I am traveling, it all seems different.

Running is a good exercise for travelers. All you need is a pair of running shoes and a sturdy bra (plus shirt and shorts of course). But, alas, I have never been a great runner. I am too slow, it seems like I only have one lung (my husband says that is called being out of shape LOL), it is too hot outside, or it is too cold. If I am traveling to a big city, I can sometimes find an exercise class at the right time and place, but not always. Or, I can compete with the other travelers for a place on one of the treadmills or weight machines in the hotel exercise room. Sometimes I take all the gear I need to do an in-house workout (yoga mat, strap, block, DVD, player, etc.), but sometimes that is too cumbersome and bulky to pack.

However, I can ALWAYS look for the exercise opportunities present in the world surrounding me. For example, climbing the stairs in my hotel instead of taking the elevator or walking to dinner instead of taking a cab. When I am traveling to see family and friends I can ask someone to walk around the block with me -- and make sure it is a really big block (or two or three). I can hike down and up the "Big Sand Hill" with my grandkids. I can walk in the ocean. The important piece of gear for me when I am traveling is my pedometer. If I focus on getting those 10,000 steps in, I get it done! If I don't focus, I don't get it done. Simple as that.

My health is important to me, especially as I want to keep on traveling! So, let's hike the Big Sand Hill.

-- Lynn Thompson Baca, guest blogger


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